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‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ Training Programme for Social Care

Indago Development, a Learning and Development organisation, recently delivered a face-to-face training programme for Evolve Care Group, a leading social care provider across the Southwest.  Held in Evolve’s care academy in Bristol, the day’s learning brought together over 100 delegates from various care homes in Devon, Somerset and South Wales, all with an interest or aspiration to progress into leadership roles within the social care sector. 

The one-day programme was led by Indago Development’s Leadership Coaches, Bhavin Tailor and Kristian Frantzen. Bhavin, a former headteacher with a solid background in education and leadership, and Kristian Frantzen, with qualifications including a master's degree in business administration, and extensive experience in leadership coaching in social care, guided delegates through a comprehensive, engaging and interactive day of learning.  

Kristian stated, “comprehensive leadership training helps to build a team that's more confident, motivated and unified. Not only does this ultimately improve quality of care, but also helps with loyalty within the team, supporting retention and providing stability that benefits those we support.” 

The training began by exploring the science of leadership, emphasising its importance in social care settings. It covered foundational aspects such as emotional intelligence, self-awareness, situational leadership and self-management. Practical strategies on empathy in leadership resonated with delegates. The social skills module was especially impactful, challenging the perception that a career in care lacks growth opportunities.  

A key message from Kristian and Bhavin: "no one is born a leader, be confident in yourself, fail forward!"  

Indago Development’s programme highlights the importance of developing the talent we have within our care settings.  The health and social care workforce crisis is not going away; Indago Development recognises this by investing in their Research and Development arm of the organisation by authoring programmes like ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ and other social care programmes that can help stabilise this crucial sector. 

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