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Indago Development Fills the Gap Left by Government Failures

Updated: 2 days ago

The social care sector in the UK is facing an unprecedented crisis. The shortage of skilled care professionals has left many care homes struggling to provide the quality of care that our elderly and vulnerable populations deserve. The situation has been exacerbated by recent visa rules forcing some of our most compassionate overseas workers to return home and the Government's response to these challenges has been criticised as inadequate, with measures falling short of addressing the core issues. This crisis is deepening, and it's clear that immediate action is required. 

The Problem: A System in Disarray 

Recent reports have highlighted alarming incidents of opportunistic fraud within the social care visa route. The Home Office has issued visas to care homes that don't exist, allowing individuals to exploit the system. Over 1,500 migrants entered the UK under the pretence of being care workers, only to vanish into the system. This not only undermines the integrity of our immigration policies but also leaves genuine care providers in desperate need of quality staff. 

The government's efforts have fallen short.  While promises have been made to better regulate sponsors and improve oversight, these measures fall short of addressing the core issues.  

Indago Development: A Commitment to Ethical Recruitment 

Enter Indago Development’s social care arm of the learning and development organisation committed to addressing this crisis by supporting UK care providers with the development of international care professionals, introduced by ethical overseas agencies. Unlike other L&D organisations, Indago Development partners exclusively with reputable overseas agencies who they’ve built long-standing relationships with, ensuring that every applicant is more than just thoroughly vetted but also genuinely interested in providing care in the UK by spending 10 days in India with them, so we know they are genuine and we know they are invested in their future.  

Personalised Training & Cultural Adaptation 

Indago Development believes in the power of personal connection. With our Coaches travelling to India and other countries to meet applicants face-to-face, spending those 10 days with them, ensuring they meet our high expectations. We provide comprehensive training in cultural adaptation, equipping them with the Skills for Care modules and foundational induction into care skills and social care practices. 

Addressing the Shortage with Ethical Solutions 

The sector's reliance on migration highlights the need for increased funding for care providers. Care providers and associations have urged the government to significantly raise social care funding to reduce this dependency. The government's promises to fix the system and improve sponsor regulation are still in progress. In the meantime, ethical overseas recruitment remains a viable solution, both in the short and long term. 

A Path Forward 

The chaos in the social care sector cannot be resolved overnight, but there is hope.  Indago Development's L&D initiatives for overseas candidates are vital in addressing the immediate staffing needs of the UK social care sector. By providing well-trained, culturally competent, and emotionally intelligent care professionals, Indago is setting a new standard for quality care. However, for sustainable improvement, the government must address systemic issues such as funding, visa policies, and support programmes to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the UK workforce. 

If you are interested in hearing more about Indago Development’s overseas training programme or social care leadership initiatives, please feel free to make contact.


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