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Investing now for your Leaders of Tomorrow – Insights from DCHC Annual Conference

Updated: 4 days ago

Indago Development was thrilled to host an exhibitor stand at the recent DCHC Annual Conference held at Exeter Racecourse. 

Indago had the privilege of connecting with many of the care providers from across the Southwest and delving into a pressing topic in the sector – the workforce crisis. This issue stood out as the primary concern for many providers who visited the Indago stand. 

Leaders of Tomorrow 

Indago Development attended the conference to showcase its selection of Leadership courses, but in particular, "Leaders of Tomorrow". The premise is simple but profound - we should be planning now for tomorrow. By acting now and investing in the current team, providers can ensure a seamless transition when someone leaves. 

Pre-Entrant Adaptation & Introduction to Social Care 

During her speech at the conference, Eve Carder, Clinical Director from Evolve Care Group, shared her experience with Indago Development and the essential Pre-Entrant Programme for international candidates. While accepting the award for Celebrating Excellence in Social Care for her Infection Control Champion paper written during the pandemic, she quoted that she had “personally had the privilege of working on the frontline with international candidates that had been through Indago Development's Pre-Entrant Programme”.  She went on to say that the international recruits "had a really, really good understanding of social care" after being supported through the pre-entrant cultural adaptation and introduction to social care programme. 

As the conference concluded, many delegates left with a newfound perspective on their retention strategies, considering the merits of turning to this more cost-effective and sustainable approach. Understanding that by embracing the concept of growing their own leaders, they were not just addressing immediate staffing challenges but laying the groundwork for a more resilient and empowered workforce in the years to come. 

For those interested in participating in the next Leaders of Tomorrow course or learning about any of our other courses, please feel free to reach out and make contact. 

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