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Registered Manager Challenges and One to One Coaching Solution

Indago's personalised 1:1 leadership coaching programme was born out of the success of their Leaders of Today programme. Care sector leaders who participated in the 6-week programme realised that they would benefit even more from a coaching experience that was tailored specifically to their individual needs.

We are each Unique

Each care leader is unique, with unique teams, and unique services. While there are common issues we all face, such as staff retention, recruitment and understanding the new CQC portal!, we also have our own set of unique challenges that are specific to us.

Solving Unique Challenges

Indago Developments’ one-to-one coaching programme takes into account both the universal challenges and the unique challenges faced by care managers. The coaching sessions can provide the tools and guidance on common issues, but with a main focus on diving deep into the individual challenges that each leader faces within their specific context.

Home Manager Feedback

One Registered Manager being supported by this programme based in Somerset said recently “I attended the Leaders of Today programme and really enjoyed being on the programme with peers from different types of services, hearing they had similar challenges made me feel not so isolated, and at the end of the programme I wanted to take my development further by focusing on conflict management as this was my short term focus challenge, I have an hour dedicated weekly to work with Kristian who has given me the ideas and guidance to turn this in to yesterday’s challenge!”

If interested in further information about the 1:1 leadership coaching programme please feel free to make contact. 

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