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care home manager

To equip aspiring care home registered managers with the skills, knowledge, and traits necessary to lead and manage care homes effectively, ensuring high-quality care for residents and creating a happy home. 


This 12-month development program is structured to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experiential learning to future care home registered managers. The curriculum is designed to cover key areas such as leadership, regulatory compliance, financial management, staff development, and quality improvement, while also fostering essential traits like integrity, adaptability, and effective communication. 

Explore the comprehensive modules: 


  • Introduction to Care Home Management

  • Leadership & Management Skills

  • Regulatory & Legal Compliance

  • Financial Management

  • Quality Assurance & Improvement

  • Person-Centred Care

  • HR and Staff Management

  • Ethical & Cultural Competence

  • Technology in Care Homes

  • Community & Family Engagement

  • Crisis Management & Resilience

  • Capstone Project & Review


Key Highlights:


  • 12-month programme 

  • 1:1 coaching with a Leadership Coach

  • 1:1 with an expert in one of the above modules


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