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Leaders of Today

Introducing the "Leaders of Today" programme – an engaging and practical 6-week online interactive course designed for current leaders who are looking to enhance their skills and effectiveness. This programme is ideal for those already in leadership roles but who may not have had formal training in key areas such as emotional intelligence, strategic communication, and conflict management. Participants will gain valuable insights and tools to improve their leadership capabilities, making them more confident and competent in guiding their teams and driving organisational success.

Explore the comprehensive modules: 


  • Advanced Leadership Concepts - Styles & Theories & Visionary Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery - Advanced EI Skills and EI in Leadership

  • Strategic Communication and Influence

  • Constructive Feedback and Influence without Authority

  • Advanced Conflict Management - Conflict Resolution Frameworks, Negotiation & Mediation

  • Decision Making, Confidence & Strategic Thinking

  • Leading Organisational Change

  • Ethical Leadership & Corporate Responsibility


Key Highlights:


  • First delegate attending this course will be fully funded

  • 6-week duration

  • Online interactive 2-hour Zoom session per week

  • 1:1 coaching session

  • Self & Peer Assessment


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