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International Pre-Entrant

Indago Development's International Pre-Entrant Programme is a 10-day comprehensive face to face course held in India, with the focus on cultural adaptation, an introduction to social care and supporting the Skills for Care standards. 

The UK social care sector has greatly benefited from the influx of international recruits, particularly in addressing critical staff shortages. These professionals bring with them compassion and skill, vital to the provision of high-quality care. However, this increase has also introduced the challenge of cultural differences. To address this, we have developed a comprehensive training programme where our experienced coaches, each with decades of experience in social care, travel to India to deliver the 10-day face-to-face course. This programme focuses on cultural adaptation and the nuances of social care in the UK, ensuring that recruits have already undergone a thorough induction before commencing their roles with UK care providers.

The group training approach promotes combined learning, relationship building and idea sharing. This programme develops the participants understanding of how care is provided in other countries and the ethical and legal aspects which surround this. 

Explore the comprehensive modules: 


  • Cultural Adaptation

  • Skills for Care 

  • Introduction to Social Care


Key Highlights:


  • 10-day face to face programme delivered by social care Coaches

  • Delivered in the JCI accredited Artemis Hospital in India

  • Certification


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