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Leadership Group Coaching

The Leadership Group Coaching programme offers a transformative journey focused on collective growth and shared success. Within this collaborative setting, colleagues gain valuable insights, exchange experiences, and support each other to improve themselves and their teams. This group coaching approach provides a personalised learning experience, enabling participants to tackle specific challenges while benefiting from the collective wisdom of their peers. Together, they unlock their leadership potential, refine strategies, and cultivate a shared commitment to excellence. Here, success is viewed not just as an individual achievement but a collective one.

Explore the comprehensive modules: 


  • What is Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leading from the Front & Communication

  • Feedback and Influence

  • Conflict Management

  • Decision Making and Confidence


Key Highlights:


  • First delegate attending this course will be fully funded

  • 6-week duration

  • Online interactive 2-hour Zoom session per week

  • 1:1 coaching session

  • Self & Peer Assessment


Contact for more information on Indago Development's "Leaders of Tomorrow"

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